Friday, July 3, 2009

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Jason Rovnak
VP- Licensing Design at Tommy Hilfiger USA
"Where prep meets the street"

Likes... I definitely like smart, personalized dressing & decorating. I like to create overall looks either on the body or in the home with items from varied vendors & locations. Successfully matching high end with inexpensive foundations - integrating vintage finds & giving them that special place on the body or in the home to highlight that item. I like to go through my parent's old things, especially their attics. You are bound to find something great that can be incorporated for the '09. It's free vintage!

Style Secrets... I like to Polaroid my favorite looks & hang them behind my closet door / mirror for mornings when I don't feel like getting dressed or when running late. When you buy new pieces for the season, pace yourself, stash a few away to pull out a few months later - that way you'll have a steady 'flow' of new 'merch'andise.

Summer must-haves... A sensational selection of sunglasses - when the temp rises & you're reduced to tanks & shorts, the sunglass says it all.

Can often be found wearing... DSquared, Michael Bastian, Rugby, Hickey, Tommy Hilfiger, American Apparel, RRLand Hunter rainboots.

Cheap thrills... I love NYC & my Urban Family! First is the beautiful Hudson River Park it runs seamless from Battery Park to the G.W. Bridge. I like to experience the sunset on the river by bike at the end of a long day. Second, my friends and I have rediscovered 'Family Game Night.' Not your average board games, but Charades & creating our own categories for $10,000 Pyramid to name a few... games that are interactive with both mind & body we find best.

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