Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

If you dig 80 proof Vodka, exotic sculpture, and all things ice, you'll die for Minus 5 Ice Lounge.
Hosting locations in Australia, New Zealand, the Grand Cayman Islands and as of June 2008, Las Vegas, this is the hottest spot to chill. $30 bucks gets you the gear (a fuzzy hooded Eskimo Parka, fur lined booties and gloves) the house cocktail, and 30 minutes of sub zero divinty! Everything is made from 100% Canadin Ice, the walls and tables, the becnches covered with deer skins and glasses from which you sippith. Don't get to cozy though-there's a three drink max and a 5 minute warning, so chug chug chug!

for more visit www.minus5experience.com

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