Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Boy Book Ends

Today, I took a client of mine to purchase a tuxedo and a black dinner suit. We selected a very classic 1 button, notch lapel Tux from Zegna. It made me recall this pic taken at Kelly's (my Aussie bestie from when i attended school there at 16) wedding in Australia. These are two of her handsome brothers sporting a TUX. Liam, being the emcee of the evening made his look so dapper by adding a white scarf which looks so Cary Grant to me.

Yesterday, I did a fun phone interview with a fashion editor regarding posing tips for the Holiday party circuit. Funny jumping to December when it's not even July but magazines work so far in advance. We discussed some important tips for drinks/no drinks and how to not make your arms look fat in photos.

Here goes:
- Drinks are OK but hold them down and elegantly as they can be a great prop.
- As for arms, put your shoulders back and let your arms hang, this will give them a very cut appearance. See pic above for details!

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