Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Milk Crate Cafe

Any one want to join me here? This is such a great idea, I only wish I could have come up with it. Milk crates become chairs and cafe tables so effortlessly! Not sure of the name but there are many little out of the way places in small alley like streets like this in Melbourne, Australia. This cafe in particular is in Flinders Lane. Melbourne is renonwed for it's cafe culture and truly amazing coffee and much better and cooler than Starbucks, even though they have infiltrated Down Under.

This is such a cool way to create space as well. That's the allure of cafe's is their ability to spill out on the streets and create beautiful outdoor rooms. Aince I'm in the styling biz and work on sets I think I'd make my impromtu cafe seating out of apple boxes, a box we often use for models or subjects to sit on, build up a set or a person. Many times, on the morning shows I'm standing on one to make myself a similar height to the anchor that i am standing next to, especially if i'm behind a demo table!


  1. It's illegal to sit on milk crates in NYC. You'll get a ticket. I'm just full of useful information, aren't I?

  2. can you send me the legal code?

  3. actually, milk crate furniture is neither new nor that exciting in Melbourne anymore. there are so many places using it as furniture, or impromptu furniture, or as the base for furniture. i get tired of seeing milk crates in cafes because i wish people would think of something new! also, starbucks just closed down about 60ish of their 80 ish stores australia-wide. i think theres something like 16 left. hooray. come on degraves!