Friday, September 19, 2008

Manhattan's Largest Closet

Have you ever wondered where all the fabulous home furnishings and accessories come from that are found in every magazine editorial spread, catalogue, or photo-shoot? Well Tuesday afternoon, i found out. "The Prop Company" is an enormous, warehouse size space, located in Chelsea, that serves as a go-to location for stylists, visionaries and photographers alike. Basically, once a concept is created, and visual direction is decided upon as for how a shoot will look, accents and accessories are needed to enhance the story, and to capture the "essence" behind the theme. Oftentimes, the shoots embody outrageous, quirky, or "era-specific" concepts that utilize special pieces, such as a 1950's sofa, a Lucite armchair, an array of blue porcelain dishes, etc, to convey the theme to readers, things not readily available or accessible at a whim. Hence, where the prop-house comes in. Thousands upon thousands of items have been collected here, and exist for stylists to source their desired pieces, and either rent or purchase them, given their client and their budget. From furniture, to decorations, accessories, blankets, linens, dress forms, kitchen-ware, tabletop...even perfume bottles, all categories of home are covered, and allow stylists to explore their options, and select pieces exactly right to complete the look.
The space itself was incredibly inspiring to be inside, and almost looked like a vintage photo-shoot in itself. From antique to modern furniture, tabletop and accessories, everything was captured and on display in this mega sourcing-center. It was so amazing to see, and i can't wait to revisit the space when i have my own photo-shoot to source for.

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