Thursday, October 9, 2008

I want Cake Mon!

Move-over Magnolia Bakery with your 2 dollars cupcakes and lines out the door. It's time to be feeling a little "irie" with the Cake Man! Last night I was having dinner with some art director/designer friends and walked passed a store front with the most amazing display of single slices of red velvet cake. That was it. Rows and rows and layers of cake! This morning, I was so excited to share the cake with Lauren, my trusty assistant who is such a dream. She blew my lid when she said the Cake Man is always on the Food Network! And I thought I has made an amazing discovery! For more on the Cake Man you can check out his shop:

Cake Man Raven
708 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY



  1. red velvet cake is like heaven with cream cheese frosting

  2. Red velvet cake is very much what heaven would look like for me!