Friday, October 17, 2008

Style Supernovas

On Tuesday evenings, I teach a college course called "Advanced Fashion Styling" at LIM College in Manhattan. Except for some occasional whining, I have 6 very talented students! Here are the results of their "mid-term" photo shoot. It was so fun to see each persons style emerge. The assignment was to bring in a look that would represent "A new take on an old classic" The photographer is Eric Hason. Make-up and hair, Jennifer Wobito. Model is Anna at RedNYC

Loredona Vicari-Stylist

Jesse Morgenstern- Stylist

Jesse Morgenstern- Stylist

Courtney Williams- Stylist

Mary Wayman-Stylist
Lauren Huber- Stylist

Anne Verro- Stylist


  1. Ok, so the first one - by Loredona Vicari - is an updated Freddy Kreuger, right? I mean, green/red striped sweater, hat - what else? And the second - by Jessie Morgenstern - that's an 80's era Madonna? Like this one: Link


    But I'm striking out on the rest... Courtney Williams' = nouveau-grunge?

    Mary Wayman = Another Madonna update? future-retro-disco-glam?

    Lauren Huber = ballerina (i hope so, at least)

    And Anne Vero = Heidi or something from The Sound of Music?

    Overall, I loved the post, loved the styles and LOVE the blog. Thanks, Sarah!

  2. Gene Yuss,

    You are such a funny bad ass. I was showing my current class my former class's work and saw your comment. You are truly brilliant and quite funny with your sarcasm!
    Thanks for stopping by!