Thursday, November 13, 2008

Frock You- MichiGirl

Arriving home from a trip and getting gifts in the post is probably one of the best feeling aside from your dog humping your leg after not seeing him for a while. I got back from St. Barths and received a funny, irreverent book from Joanna, my Aussie school mate, beautifully wrapped in graphic wallpaper type wrap, simply titled, "Like I Give a Frock" by Michi. Thanks Joanna! I was enthralled by how cute she is even though she's a mythical character who tells the weather by day and shops by day and night. Michi is so fun and funny as she describes her friend who bbq's in stiletto's as a "Natural Born Heeler" or "blousing" as the act of trying on clothes you have no intention of buying. So I will attempt to use the word blousing in a sentence.

Rude Sales Asst., "Do you need assistance with the YSL jumpsuit?"
"Thanks, I'm just blousing today and in the mood to try on jumpsuits for the next time I go skydiving!"

Check out the book and what they say about it below and do under all circumstances check the weather on the

Meet Michi. She’s sometimes stylish and sometimes tragic, but she always knows best. She’s sharp and funny. (And maybe just a tiny bit opinionated). She’s a shopping queen, weather watcher and quite possibly the best advice-giver you’ve ever met.

Do you wonder when a baguette became a bag and not just a piece of bread? (Fendi, 1998.) Or when it became acceptable to wear a tracksuit to the supermarket? (It didn’t.) Fishnets at work? Evil sales assistants? The plague of the fat ankle? Michi has all the answers. And if you were thinking of buying a playsuit, just don’t.

Michi Girl is a self-taught weather girl. She has a daily email newsletter that she delivers into the inboxes of many a cool Australian girl (and a handful of boys). She forecasts the latest in weather, fashion and anything else that’s not yet had a decent airbrushing. She is the imaginary best friend of Chloe Quigley and Daniel Pollock. She is brought to life by the illustrations of Kat Macleod.

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