Tuesday, December 16, 2008

EMc2-A Fashion Equation

I'm not sure about you but all I seem to be getting is sample sale emails and holiday shopping party emails and no actual Christmas Cards! I've fallen off everyones list except my shopping outlets. Or maybe nobody is sending cards this year due to the economic crisis that I am not aware of! But if you are in the market for a new frock or just want to say frock you to Emmett then head to his hip boutique this Thursday, Dec 18th and sip some champers. I might just do the same. But since I can't commit to anything let alone what I'm wearing today don't bet on it! Emmett McCarthy was on a season of Project Runway and is sticking around with his fun frocks, celebration chemises and cute coats all at 20% off. The champers in enough to lure me there, who needs the 20% discount! Did I mention DISCOUNT?

For more on this fashion darling hit him up on
Emmett line

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