Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shop It Like Its Hot

A Note From Jessie:
As a true shop-a-halic, I am always looking for the newest, best, or most incredible shopping websites online. I constantly find products and brands that I love, but usually have a difficult time keeping up-to-date on when items get newly released, or old ones go on sale. So the discovery of "Shop It To Me" is understandably a true gift from "the shopping gods." Shop It To Me is a website that keeps you up to date via e-mail on all brands and labels that you love, and exactly when they go on sale. The format is simple, you just log onto their website,shopittome.com, and sign up as a new user. You begin by completing a simple profile that covers your demographics, and what stores, brands, labels and lines you love. Then you provide your e-mail address for correspondence, and select how often you want to be notified of any deals and promotions; from monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, or even daily - clearly my option of choice. Then you just sit back and VOILA!...you are e-mailed with websites and pictures of all fabulous items that meet your criteria that have gone on sale. They even let you know sizing availability, shipping options, and stock stats. Its truly a shoppers dream...and I insist you take a free minute and check it out. Genius! - a true trailblazing website on the radar of shoppers alike!

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