Monday, January 26, 2009

The Cheese Stands Alone

Liana making love to the cheese someone bought for her birthday. Liana once stayed in my apartment as I was taking care of my friend Jamie down in Costa Rica after a bad surf accident. She left really funny post-it notes all over including in the fridge and noted, on butter, no less, "the cheese stands alone." Not sure what is was all about but I do love Liana in her celebratory chemise or her fun birthday frock from Reiss.
She's InFashion
. Have you ever heard that song by Brit-pop group, Suede? It's a bloody brill song.

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  1. if i remember correctly, you had a single block of cheese in your fridge while i was there. nothing else, other than the typical nyer basics like condiments, seltzer and some butter or something

  2. you put the note on the butter that looked like cheese!!! that was the most brilliant thing!

    regardless you look GLAM