Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Play Dress Up Often

Photo by Bryan Helm, Model, Amanda at Elite, Stylist, Sarah Shirley

I believe in playing dress up often. A favorite past time of children is to "play dress up," then why is it adults never do it anymore. To many, playing dress up is the chore of putting on a dress or a suit and going to an event you really would rather not.

Think back to all the fun you had as a child putting on a long white skirt slip and cinching it with a belt to create a wedding dress. Add some fur, long gloves, layers of jewels and your grannies blue-to-pink fade sunglasses and you've got a look. Well my cousin Rickey (he's not a poof) created this very same image during one of our famous dress up sessions in my grandmother, Elaine's house. She's been long gone but this woman had so many clothes, shoes and accessories, she could live forever and still does in style spirit.

Imagine your "get ready ritual" to that of "playing dress up" and I guarantee you'll have so much more fun. Think playing dress up is just for kids? I challenge you to invite over a friend or two, open some champers, ( preferably pink) play some house music and well, get going. Try on all your clothes and make new combinations from old duds! Reinvent the fashion wheel.

Don't forget to take pictures. Send them to me and we will post them.

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