Thursday, April 30, 2009


How amazing is this necklace?! While out shopping with the boyfriend this week we strolled into In God We Trust, and spent the next hour or more parusing through treasures of all kinds. Not only was the clothing wonderful but their jewelery was insanely magnificent! Boyfriend bought me a heart shaped necklace with "Wonder Buns" engraved on the front! Could that be any cuter?! They also had a long list of other profane titles such as balls to the wall, best fuckin friends, suck a fuck and many more. I highly suggest getting one for that special someone. Mothers day is just around the corner, I bet your mom would love a necklace that says sugar tits on it.


  1. S'adore my Best BAE ever! you make me proud! really proud! love the sarcasm and the profane!

  2. I neeeeeedddd one of these so much!!!