Thursday, May 21, 2009

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Samantha Wasserman
PR Director at Alexis Bittar

Likes... Patrick Swayze, racist antiques, Comme des Garçons, watching an offensive amount of reality TV in one sitting, little old couples holding hands, documentaries about anything and everything (especially ones on child molesters and maximum security prisons, don’t ask me why haha), LANVIN, the smell of skunk on the highway, late night pow-wows on our roof deck, high fives, drunk slip n' slide on Shelter Island, taxidermy, Epic moments, Poloroids, sleeping in, firm handshakes, planning my wedding, bear hugs, crushed ice, and my soon to be husband Mr. Ian aka “Porkchops” Shaw!

Cheap thrills... Vintage finds on Etsy, Pop Ice (I am beyond addicted...I actually go through withdrawal when I don't have them in my freezer), kisses from my fiancé Ian (who says nothing comes for free?!)

Can you often be found wearing... I think I own every single headband that Jennifer Behr has ever made- they have kind of become my signature, oh and my super high-waisted spandex trousers from American Apparel- I call them my 'Grease Lightening' pants as I like to call them because they make me look like Sandy in the final scene of Grease...I'm all "tell me about it...stuuuudddd", haha. But seriously, those pants are god's gift to's impossible to not LOVE your own body when you’re in em. Oh, and of course- I'm always decked from head to toe in Alexis Bittar... he's my boss as well as my own personal hero- he is a true innovator and his creativity and sheer talent never cease to amaze me!

Fashion secrets... Well if I told you then they wouldn’t be secrets now would they, ha. Hmmm, let me see- well, one thing I say is go for CUT first above all else. Know what shapes look best on your body type and stick to them. I think a lot of people get these ideas in their head like- "oh no, I don't do high-wasted" or "I don’t do yellow...yellow looks bad on me", and so they automatically filter out anything they see that fits these characteristics. For me personally, I don’t love red on me, but I just found this skin tight, bright red Michael Kors bandage dress that totally changed all the pre-conceived notions I had about the color before. Once I put that puppy on...I was a believer. If the cut is right for your body type- the rest will I guess my advice is just to be open never know what could surprise you.

I've also always been a risk taker when it comes to fashion. I try to think outside the box a bit when it comes to my fashion sense. I like off-beat vintage pieces mixed with beat-up basics and designer staples. I find myself drawn to androgynous, slightly masculine shapes that I can then mix with something feminine or sexy...I'm all about the mis-mash of hard & soft, tough and pretty. But at the end of the day, it's not as much about what I wear, but more about how I'm feeling that day. I'm a firm believer that you can wear almost anything if you have the confidence to go with it. It's you who sells the outfit, not the other way around.

In terms of actual items I consider to be my fashion 'secrets' or 'must haves', here are a few things I think every girl should have in their bag of tricks...

o Wolford's Satin De Luxe Tights- they're a bit pricey but trust me, they are worth it! They give you legs for days.....

o for vintage finds. Etsy kicks Ebay's ass any day! Plus the prices cannot be beat. One of my favorite things to do is buy vintage dresses- even if they are 5 sizes to big-...I'll buy some amazing dress for like $6 and then I take it to the tailor and for about $20, I have it custom fit to my body. You end up with a $26 one of a kind dress that no one else on the planet has!

o Jennifer Behr headbands. She is simply the best...I'm officially obsessed.

o American Apparel 'Disco Pants'. Tell your boyfriend I say "you're welcome".

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