Monday, August 17, 2009

Create a Get Ready Ritual

Photo- Miki Duisterhof
Styling-Sarah Shirley

Go on!
– Easy access to looking confident and feeling good by following a few simple routines. Start to develop your creative side. Have some girlfriends over and come up with ten ways to wear a pencil skirt. Take time to apply liquid eyeliner, sure to make your eyes look larger and more alert, or a visage glow cream to give your skin an imaginary kiss from the Caribbean sun. Iron your clothes with a fragrant splash; listen to a play list that makes you feel positive and enthusiastic or sexy and powerful. Refer to Polaroid’s (in the idea style file) of all your go to looks if it’s hard to come up with something smashing in the A.M. hours. Put on one more necklaces or shed a few layers, but making getting dressed feel good fun! xo, Sarah

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