Saturday, October 17, 2009

Spy On You

My new best friend, Valerie, gave me these chic Spy glasses when I was in San Diego last month for the Action Sports Retailers show. Ready and willing to tell the world how much I loved these glasses, I left them on a the table next to me at dinner after a 12 hour day doing makeovers for the Hue Cool Contours event I hosted and styled at Fashion Week. Needless to say, Valerie came through with another pair for me so I could assume my Roy Orbison persona. These are the Eliza from Spy. Love the fade lense and the non logo, logo on the side. Madonna is a fan you know. The cool thing about Spy glasses is they don't cost as much as say a Dior or Gucci but have such an edgier vibe to them. Who wants to see yourself coming and going? I don't!

No need to change your frames, just get a different color. I love the wood tone. It's hot for all you naturalists out there. Dare I say tree huggers.

Finally, a funky two-tone version and leopard in pink or classic brown for the cougar in you. Tap here Spy to get your own pair.

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