Thursday, July 8, 2010

All Day Everyday Icon

Jason Bui

As a man, what is the biggest mistake women make when dressing?
Wearing clothes that do not fit properly, that don't bring out their best assets, such as: dresses that are too tight, tops that draws attention to the stomach instead of slimming it down, pants that are too long or dwarf the figure instead of lengthening it.
On the other hand what do women do best?
Women are more experimental with fashion than men, they are best at mixing fun accessories together and jazzing up a plain outfit with bold jewelry or stylish shoes, or an amazing handbag.
What's your summer style mantra?
Keep it simple and stick to flowy dresses that breath well and can go from day to night in a variety of colors, and always make sure you wear comfortable shoes as the last thing you need is to have blisters in the sweltering heat.
Vanilla or Mexican Hyper Chocolate?
Mexican Hyper Chocolate as Dark Chocolate with low amounts of sugar is healthier than most snacks or desserts and a perfect way to satisfy your cravings for sweets without fear of getting diabetes.
Who's your style icon?
My real-life style icon is former First Lady Jackie O as her style was clean and elegant, but also forward-thinking and youthful at the same time. My celebrity style icon is the character of Edina on British TV show "Absolutely Fabulous", as she had a wild and funky style and was not afraid to be different despite her curvier figure.

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