Friday, February 18, 2011

The J. Crew ♥'s Blundstone

Blundstone's are the hot new bootie of the season! It you want that dyke-spike, boho fem-bot look mix your long floral dresses with these butch boots and you have a look! J. Crew is even selling these Aussie exports. I bought a pair 10 years ago at a hardware store in Byron Bay. I'm going to get mine "out of the closet" this season in lieu of my YSL's tranny pumps. Blundstone boots could very well be the new it boot aka like the Hunter was for the past few seasons. Share this video and Blundstone will donate a buck to help the Tasmanian devil survive! Now that's a brand that cares where it came from- Tasmania! Get your Blundies on!

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