Monday, February 14, 2011

The Last and Coolest Place

Welcome to Sandy Bay in Hobart, Tasmania, home of a favorite cartoon character, The Tasmania Devil. Hobart is the chic island state south of Melbourne and has been on my wish list of out of the way places to see and explore for years. Finally, this past month I was able to make a dream come true and spent a 3 day weekend exploring this isolated isle with my hunk, Rodders.

Inside this charming bay is The Last Resort, designed by cool guy, architect, Steven Last. Here are some snaps of his place, his art work and the furniture he collects that give each one of his hotel apartments the cool factor. It's not Grannies B&B or a corporate Westin, The Last Resort has retro touches mixed with antiques that whisk you away to a place you can't quite define or decide where you are. There are touches from Steven's world travels to Barcelona, a hint of retro and dashes of modernity like rubber floors and plastic furniture,

Our experience at the Villa was so individualized that Mr. Last drove us to our lunch appointment with Liza- Jane in his 1960's blue Holden in mint condition. Later that day after copious bottles of Janzs, we had tantalizing conversation with Steven, Sue-Ellen, Rod and myself over a tapas-style dinner on a cozy rainy eve just inside his studio/office. The produce of Tasmania is so farm to plate that the carrots look like well real carrots, the lamb just melts in your mouth and the artisan cheese had a fragrance that warms the air. The coolest thing was eating hand-caught Abalone that Steven, who is also a surfer gathered on a dawn patrol surf sesh the day before. This was such an exclusive existence for the day we spent there, it's something that can't be replicated, much like the Last Villa, making it a highly covetable place to be.

The Last Villa in Sandy Bay, Hobart in Tasmania, Australia


  1. Look like a great place for lovers on Valentine's Day

  2. We need to go ASAP--Love the pictures and very nicely written. Are these stock snaps or yours? they r very fine your friend is the TasmaniaN devil! Drink Jannz everyone- its a tasty bubbly that treats you right!

  3. these are the owners snaps- i am downloading mine today as I just found a cord- YES PLEASE GO ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Tasmania DEVIL AND I are so drinking JANZs tonight!


  4. Looks so Gorgy (Gorgeous). Rodders must be a special man to have spent time with you in Tasmania Australia Sarah. We will have to go there one day ourselves.
    Thanks Bogan

  5. Great job on the narrative. Now I really want to go there...

  6. I have stayed at the Last Villa on many occasion - all memorable. I go there to create memories and relive old ones - and to kick back and enjoy a sense of 'modern nostalgia' and take a break from life too full of peak hour, freeways and tollways. Last Villa is a sensuous experience without fuss and bling - and it has a visual integrity that commenced way back in the early 1950's when it was constructed. One expects to see Lucy about to step from that Wardrobe gateway to Narnia. Go there. Its unique and world class. We might even find Aslan - its THAT kind of place.