Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Fools Gift-A-Way

Let us know to win the Alexander McQueen sunglasses she is wearing by leaving us a comment HERE! We will pick the most outrageously creative answer and voila - you will get these very chic shades that Heidi actually wore!



    Stop by My GIVEAWAY happening now! Spread the word! xo



  2. Heidi is the April Fools master!

    Pick me and I will DIE, LOVE HEIDI, and love these sunglasses!


  3. Not just an “April Fool” but a May, June, July, August…..fool as well.


  4. Southern turned NYC Barbie will need full-time SEKURITY if she wins and wears them!! Just sayin'.....

  5. Poor Heidi looks oh-so hobo chic in her mismatched getup. Maybe she can disappear into her time travel portals (AKA earrings) before people start to laugh too hard!

    LOVE those McQueen sunglasses!

  6. hey sexy party people
    please leave your comment with your email so we can contact you when you win!
    happy sunny day from Los Angeles!

  7. The glasses look very glam however she does not seem to pull them off and definitely looks like an April Fool! I am thinking she is looking decidedly Michael Jackson esq crossed with an insect and crazed woman!

  8. Heidi may be kidding... but those glasses are NO JOKE! fun yet elegant :)

    must. have.

    thanks for doing such a sweet giveaway. great idea! xx

  9. My email is wendyrgould@yahoo.com. :)

  10. Did you know? The Australian department store David Jones uses a houndstooth pattern as part of its corporate logo. The branding — a black-on-white houndstooth pattern — is one of the most recognized corporate identities in Australia.
    Eileen K

  11. Futuristic like those fortunes tell us-Near the End of Fashion? Question for Terri Agins-Cool like the chill in an October sunset, as bold as the presence of a fond memory

  12. is Eileen K- the brooklyn gal? DO make your self know!
    you just may be a winner - love that you know that fact about David Jones! I spend 20% of my yearly income there this year!

  13. I DO think Heidi is playing the April fool, especially tiara'd as she is with a bejeweled court jester "crown" (hmmm... could that be a necklace?!). It almost seems as though she's donning the black-and-white houndstooth checkered McQueens to signal the end of the photo session. Perhaps as a nod to the checkered race car flag, like the one that will be used at the Indy 500 next month, (we go every year, which is why I really need these eye 'tooths! How cool to be sitting in front of the pits, chattin' with Ashley J., and waiting for Dario to drink the milk wearing these knock outs?!)
    FYI, the checkered flag is so synonymous with signifying the end of things, that some software installation programs display a checkered flag to indicate that a computer program has been installed successfully.
    So there! I wave my black-and-white checkered McQueens at you! I'm done!