Friday, January 27, 2012

Trés Chic Boutiques

Introducing a new Target shopping experience! Target has partnered with five shop owners/boutiques to co-create affordable, limited-edition collections selling in stores on May 6! These limited editions will be available for six weeks or until the shopaholics buy it out!

The Webster Miami clothing line display an array of sexy dresses and fabulous clothing that will leave you wanting to hop the next train to the beach! (clothing also available for men (just as sexy ;)), toddlers and baby) Coral and cable green are essential colors for this season. Pick up some beach print bangles, strappy wedge sandals or a great pair of simple yet elegant ballerina flats to go with a great boho print dress.

The Privet House inspires home décor that surrounds itself with corals and cable green as well. A wire bird house for your porch is just the right touch at just $24.99 or a rubber stamp set to fancy up your stationary at just $12.99 are fun finds. Nina Garcia of “Project Runway” made an appearance and commented how the line was beautiful!

Other shops being represented are at the Polka Dog Bakery, The Candy Store San Francisco and Cos Bar.
For a full update on the shops in store concept click here

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