Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Misson Lipstick: Accomplished

Yesterday, I was on a mission to find these exact lipstick colors in the J.Crew bible... I mean catalog. I popped over to J.Crew thinking that they must be J.Crew brand, but I was wrong. I was redirected by a very kind sales associate who told me to search for them at Sephora. Thus my journey continued, I showed the tear sheet to a Sephora pro who was eager to assist in matching the shades. We first tried out Stila Cosmetics, but the shades were too bright. We then ventured over to Make Up For Ever, and after trying out 10+ shades, we successfully had a match! Mission accomplished! The peachy tone on the model to the left is called Rouge Artist Natural - N41, and the dusty pink shade on the model to the right is called Rouge Artist Natural - N21. For $19, these shades are a great pick me up for dull Winter into Spring days!

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