Monday, August 20, 2012

Chop it off!

Fall is around the corner.  When the seasons change, I love to switch it up. Short hair is a fave for the fall and even I'm thinking of cutting a few inches off. Short hair is way easier to maintain and it saves you time and cha-ching....more money for fall boots! if you have long tresses, chop it off for the new season and create a whole new look yourself!  if you're hesitant, just look at this way, its only hair and it will grow back by next summer. Be spontaneous be bold,be brilliant!  Need some inspiration? Check out these are celeb and model tresses that I absolutely adore!
Here is the beautiful Katie Holmes rocking a short bob with a wispy bang! 

Here is a gorgi model rocking a short textured asymmetrical bob.

More ideas below:

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