Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ask Sarah

Hi Sarah,

My sister is getting married at the end of August. She has told us that she wants jewel toned dresses, but I just cant find anything that works for me. I have a large rack, an undefined waist, but nice legs. What's a girl to do?


Style Cuzin

Dear Style Cuz!

Are we related because I did not get a large endowment in the chest! Lucky! I have a great site for you to go to.
It's where you can shop by body type. Sounds like you are an apple with a large bust. Look for dresses that define your waist or give you the appearance of a waist with rushing, a braided detail or contrast color. I think a dress like this one above by Adrianna Papell Bead Babydoll Dress for $168.00 would look smashing on you darling. See you on the dance floor!



  1. So my sister in law just got engaged and I want to plan a fun but classy b-party in the city. Any fabulous ideas are welcomed. I am clueless where to start!!

  2. Dear Sarah,
    I am getting married in August and I've got a wedding dress- it's short and twirly- a bit vintage looking and very fun. My dilemna is this- I need some shoes! I don't want the dyed- to match variety- I'd love some color! What do you suggest?
    Love from cuzint in a style quandry across the pond

  3. dear sarah,

    why are you so awesome.


    not exactly your cousin, but may as well be!