Friday, March 14, 2008

what does your bag do for you?

How refresing is it to see another eco -friendly brand of carry-all totes? (Yay!) "MY BAG CARES" (100% reusable canvas), made from untreated natural fibers, (55% linen and 45% cotton) is a living testament to just how easy it is to be enviro- conscious and enviro-chic. For every $20 purchase, a tree is planted in some unnamed forrest that has been destroyed by wild fire, but where is the mutual benefit? What is your bag doing for you?
"MY BAG CARES" encourages change, and shows everyone how neat you are for keeping it clean when it comes to nature. Not to mention you won't have a ton of random plastic bags floating around your kitchen floor.

To compete with lush designers that are pumping out sexy calfskin bags in technicolor hues, our organic friends have been pulling out all the stops, including "earth friendly" metallics (explain that one!) and combed cotton dresses with pleats cascading down the front, all for mere $375 bucks. A bit costly to be conscious though. For that amount, one can have their chemically treated togs, and eat them too. Want folks to go green? Make it so that they'll have some "green" leftover, for after the revolution.

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    Keen to know what colours are in for Tee shirts at the moment over there lady?