Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Can You Handle your Jandal?

click here to see one of my favorite flip flops

Memorial Day marks the official start to summer here, stateside. Being it's this coming weekend, I thought maybe you'd like a lesson in flip flop 101. When I lived in Australia, I got used to calling them thongs, even though that was a small piece of nylon, cotton and spandex I was used to wearing under my jeans! Then I went to New Zealand, Kevin said, "oh you put on your jandals!" as we headed for the beach house to go surfing. Through context, I got the gist of what he meant and thought does every country and culture have their own name for this beloved summer shoe? And what exactly does the word jandal come from? After some research, I found out it's the combination of the words Japanese Sandal = Jandal. As summer approaches, I love to give my feet a break from the mile high stiletto sandals and chunky platform patent leather variety I've been sporting as of late and slips on my jandals. I love the way a sexy, flowy summer dress looks with flip flops, especially a maxi-dress.

Jandals-New Zealand
Flip Flops - USA and UK
Thongs - Australia
Slippers - Hawaii
Chanclas - Mexico
Tsinelas - Phillippines
Schlalffen - Austria or Flips Flops as the Austrian corrected me on as Schlaiffen are closed toe shoes like mules.
Slops - South Africa
Beach Sandals- Japan

A little D.I.Y. pair of Thongs, Chanclas, Beach Sandals...... or what ever name you fancy! Any other terms for this famous type of footwear please email: or leave a comment.


  1. HI, as an Austrian I have to correct false information in this report: we Austrians do call them "Flip Flop's". Nobody would call them "Schlapfen" (not "Schlaffen" - this word does not even exist!) Schlapfen are closed shoes, kinda mules that you only wear at home. :)

  2. Thank you for commenting and correcting my incorrect information
    i will change it