Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sneaker Steeze

Have you ever wondered why sneakers are called sneakers? We don't sneak around in them do we? Maybe it has to do with the soft rubbery sole or the squishy insole. are some shots from last weekend at the Aids Walk New York. This shorty is one of the girls in the S.U.M.M.A program where I am a mentor. She attends the High School for Leadership and Public Service. Below is a house of Vogue(ers)...I'm not refering to people who work at the magazine but a reference to the dance done in doco. films like "Paris is Burning" This look is so hot right now and the emphasis is centered around the shoe and moves up. I never thought I'd want to get "physical" with the 80's style reebox sneakers again but the shock pink color is so tempting. Might try some patent leather Nike Vandals or Dunks though, especially for my hip hop dance class.

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