Monday, May 5, 2008

Get Me Some Papaw Please!

If you've ever tried Lucas' Papaw Ointment you will have anyone you know asking you to get you a few tubes if you know they are going Down Under. This wonderful, cure all ointment is only available in Australia at the Chemist(what we call a drugstore like Duane Reade or Walgreens) for around $7 ASD a tube. This non-greasy formula made with papaya is know to cure acne scars, burns, insect bites, cracked skin and is great for baby's bums too. Created by a surgeon in Queensland, Australia, this is one product you don't want to be without as it multi-tasks for moms, babies, surfer dudes, girls with big handbags and just about anyone with dry lips. It's like a Amex card, you don't want to leave home with out it. Or was that Master Card? Shhh, a little secret, I've seen it on ebay, but for much more than $7 USD.

check it out

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