Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Politics of A Tie

Since Fall 2006, women's fashion has become a gentleman's affair. With the on surge of female power players in today's corporate world, the ladies have been rethinking strength, sex appeal and professionalism via garden style haberdashery. Traditional men's furnishings for women are all about aggressive communication. Be strong and feminine and say exactly who you are without saying a word! With eclectic hodge podge prints and exotic color combos, you can be a little of everything instead of opting for that one dimensional solid that sends one big message. Here's a fresh crash course on spring color comm. Mix it up and send the perfect personality message!
PINK: Calm, Feminine, Faithful; RED: Dominance, Excitement, Sexual Energy; YELLOW: Optimistic, Expressive, Intelligent;
GREEN: Relaxing, Efficient, Prestigious; INDIGO: Knowledge, Power, Integrity; BROWN/NUDE: Reliable, Approachable, Stable

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