Friday, September 12, 2008

Liefsdottir Fashion Show

Yesterday, Liefsdottir - the high-end line created by Anthropologie and sold at upscale department stores, showcased their Spring 2009 collection at their showroom. The brand, a Finnish idea, meaning "daughter of leaf," expanded upon an "under the sea" theme, and used a wonderfully whimsical color pallet of pastels and soft hues to enhance their collection. The showroom space itself was turned into a fairytale playground...covered in tulle-enhanced decorations, floral arrangements, and seashell trimmings. With ambiance lighting, and various dress-forms placed about, highlighting key pieces from the collection, the space truly embodied the spirit behind the line. The clothes themselves were incredible. Attention to detail was key, and each look was comprised of a beautifully made garment, an eye-catching accessory, and a well-incorporated shoe. From thick brocades, to iridescent silks and charmuses, the line was whimsical and princess-like in style in shape. Splashes of coral, lemon, teal, seashell, sky blue and creme dominated the collection, and helped convey the feeling of "underwater appeal." Make-up and hair were inspired by 1920's housewives, and consisted of over-rosey cheeks, dewy skin, fresh, bright eyes, and pinned curls; all soft and flowing, with hints of childhood play and youth. The models, eight in all, paraded around the showroom space for the two hour show, modeling sequentially each of the twelve looks, and debuting the spirit behind the line.
The show was absolutely amazing, and really spoke to the attendees. When entering the space, you really felt as if you understood the concept behind the clothes, and where the inspiration was derived. From the colors, to the space decorum, to the clothing and fabrics, and the music; all aspects of the presentation helped convey the spirit of the line, and the origin of the brand. Here are some pictures from the event.
The Liefsdottir line can currently be found at Anthropologie, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale stores. Here are the links so you can shop their current Fall 2008 collections, in stores now.

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