Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh Canada!

It's Thanksgiving day in Canada! I was reminded of the shoot we did for UPS and they wanted an Uncle Canada! Here's how I made him:

Rented an amazing white suit from Albrights- Allesandro Dell'Aqua
Cheap Red shirt pined in the back from a cheap store near Macy's
White tie from the Regis Philbin collection purchased at Macy's
White Top bought on-line from a uniform and formal wear supply store
Red Gross Grain Ribbon - M&J Trimmings
Canadian Maple Leafs- Cut by hand for me by the amazing Quasim who saved the day for me and was an angel from Mood Fabrics( and I've been shopping there way before Project Runway made it cool!)
White Belt- Aldo which I think is a Canadian Store and you have to love that they would actually have a white belt for men!

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