Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween's Host of Happening Costumes

Enjoy my best of list for costumes at the Concept Farm's Annual Halloween Party. So many creative ideas. Not enough parties to go to to wear all these cool creations.
Tron - The Electronic Gladiator This is the coolest film/video game character/ brought to life.
The Morton's salt girl. What a cute yellow dress and yes she made the very large salt jar too!
Beetlejuice- but it's not Michael Keaton in this costume.
Stripey McStripe the Dominatrix and her friend the glamours movie star or sun star. Not sure what these girls are but j'adore the creativity.
A Paper Doll.
A Shooting Star!
The Robert Palmer Girls and of course Robert. May he rest in peace. A great group costume concept.
Madonna's daughter, Lourdes with the uni-brow. This is ingenious!
A surfer girl. Yes that's me as my other alter-ego!

My party guests, Pinky and Dry Cleaning!

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