Saturday, December 13, 2008

Adidas-The Original House Party

Have you been blown away by the Adidas Originals House Party commercial? I have from the first moment I saw it during the Thursday night triumvirate of Ugly Betty, Grey's and Private Practice and now can't stop watching it on YouTube. It's a mix of the coolest nobodies and somebodies like Missy Elliot, Becks, Russel Simmons and yes that's DMC emceeing. It's funny how these chose Frankie Valli's, "Beggin" as the song which is so catchy and not some chic new hip hop song or even classic rap. Estelle even makes a guest appearance.

The house party turns to the pool party. I love the flamingo detail on the right side.

A close up of the blow-toys in pool. Adidas originals even look good wet!

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  1. jeremy scott also makes a guest appearance. too bad they couldn't get stella in there. also, this is what mike and my's wedding will look like since it was decided 6 years ago that we were having an adidas wedding.

  2. Liana,

    That is the best idea for a wedding. I love it! This commercial is the only thing that has gotten me going lately!
    You can wear the Adidas original I gave you! as a bolero for your wedding dress!