Friday, December 12, 2008


A Note From Jessie:
Yesterday I met my friend Shannon Brennen-Cressy after work, and i was looking to try something new and exciting in terms of locale. So she suggested this incredible place on 30Th and Madison Avenue called Subtletea. Its more or less a tea shop, where they sell gorgeous pastries and baked goods, but specialize in hundreds of flavors of tea...with specialty dispositions and purposes. They have their teas categorized by level of caffeine, time of day normally consumed, and then by category of flavor. Some of their really incredible sounding recipes included "key lime pie," "almond cookies," "chocolate covered strawberry," and "vanilla creme." You can not only order just a cup to dine in, but purchase bags of it to go, so that you can enjoy the incredible experience at home.
To create ambiance to the space, they feature comfortable cushions and chairs to relax in and enjoy, and a long table just piled high with books and magazines to make the tea experience as indulgent as possible. It was a really great environment, and i totally recommend checking it out!
Their website is, and their address is
Subtletea - 121 Madison Avenue -(212) 481-4713 could say the place was "tea-tastic!"

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