Tuesday, March 10, 2009

All that Glitters

There is a land where Pucci runs free, D&G means more than a missing E&F and Alexander can be a McQueen, this land of diamonds is none other than Bergdorf Goodman. This is a shopping salvation to Manhattan's elite that want style with an edge and can afford to be extravagant every now and then. I took a trip this morning to BG to find some killer duds, and boy was I in designer heaven. I trotted straight up to 5F(BG's 5th floor full of contemporary designer wear), where spring had definitely sprung. I was surrounded by bright colors, and floral prints in all shapes and sizes! I couldn't make my way out of their fast enough before I broke my bank account, but if you are in need of some retail therapy Bergdorf's is the place to seek treatment.

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