Monday, March 9, 2009

The Hotel That Melts

Bienvenue to the Hotel de Glace. We hope you enjoy your stay and that things don't get to hot and heavy where as the beds may melt. Yes the beds are made of ice and appointed with fur pelts in addition to the check-in desk and the glasses which are carved, smooth and very glassy. Come spring, passion won't keep this hotel up as it slowly dissipates only to be erected the following season. I am a fan of all things frosty except an icy demeanour. Living vicariously through my brother who sledded to the Ice hotel in Quebec with his girlfriend and snowmobiling partner on their matching Polaris machines, I had to post for my "trippin" category as I am on a semi-permanent "staycation" here in New York. "Ice Hotel, Take Me Away!"

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