Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Work at Bogue Magazine

This is for all of you who never know what I mean when using the word Bogan. I am at times a bogan like today, I'm wearing the same Hollister sweats, singlet( wife beater) and hoodie I wore yesterday. The word is said to come from the Scottish word Bocan. If you went to highschool with me you know the word. I never stopped saying it. It's was my yearbook quote. Picked up this term in Australia at 16- Emelia, my Aussie host sis- (we call each other Souther Sister's and that's not becuase we were in the Southern Hemisphere but becuase we liked to add some Comfort to our drinks!) taught it to me. I'm teaching it to you. Also Karl did an entire collection based on Chavs!


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The term bogan (pronounced /ˈboʊgən/, rhyming with slogan) is Australian and New Zealand English slang, usually pejorative or self-deprecating, for a person who is, or is perceived to be, of a lower-class background. According to the stereotype, the speech and mannerisms of "bogans" indicate poor education, cheap clothing and uncultured upbringing. 'Bogans' usually reside in economically disadvantaged suburbs (often outer metropolitan) or rural areas[1].
The term is a close regional equivalent to the English term Chav or Pikey, Scottish term Ned, Irish term Scanger or Spide and the North American terms White Trash and Hillbilly.

Elements of the stereotype

Certain types of clothing are stereotypically associated with bogans, including flannelette shirts, singlets, Stubbies shorts, track pants (tracky dacks) [6], ugg boots[7], thongs, jeans, black leggings [8] and trucker caps [9].


  1. Oh Sarah, you are such a Bogan sometimes !!!!!

  2. Is there anywhere that you can buy this from? It would be perfect for a Secret Santa present that I have to get!