Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vampire Weekend

Looking to have a Vampire Weekend? May I suggest watching one of the best Vamp movies ever made, Lost Boys! Sure, Anne Rice's, "Interview with a Vampire" is a classic, who doesn't love Lestat and Buffy for her slaying ways. I've heard Twilight is all the rage. Wanna get your Vampire on, throw on some fangs and a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses. Listen to a playlist inspired by this romantic blood sucking creature:

Vampire - Antsy Pants (best Vampire song ever- "I've lost my mouth again"
Mansard Roof- Vampire Weekend
The World is a Vampire- Smashing Pumpkins
Fearless Vampire Killers- Bad Brains
Vampire - Sinead O'connor
Vampire- The Blakes
Vampire- Peter Tosh
Bloodletting- Concrete Blond
Vampire Blue- Neil Young

Just steer clear of Energy Vampires! Don't forget your sunglasses.

Looking for Vampire Glasses?

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