Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lay the Pipes

I bought a new suit, a wet suit that is and did my first ever winter surf this past Sunday. It was a big deal for me as I am terrified of extreme cold weather even though I was born in upstate New York, attended Syracuse University where is snows in May and love to shred the gnar gnar in the cherry pow pow. But I did it! I conquered my fears. Nervously trekking to the upper east side, a place I rarely venture due to it's dullness, I went to New York Pipe Dreams. This was after I had a conversation with Danny, a super radster who I spoke with on the phone and confirmed he had the goods I was looking for. Danny helped me out a lot even though he knew I was ultra nervous trying on a full wet suit. OK, I'm the girl who surfs in a bikini in 60 degree water temps. Sweating enough to drench the wet suit entirely, it seemed like the right choice even though feelings of claustrophobia were setting in. Things proved to be worth it as I surfed on Sunday, greeted by my surf friend out at Long Beach at 7:30 a.m. and in the 44 degree water temps by 8 a.m. feeling quite toasty. The feeling was surreal. There was not even a moment where I wished I was in Australia on the ferry going to Manley.

In need of something radical, holler at my boy Danny NewYorkPipeDreams

p.s. Even though I'm not supposed to be shopping, I scored the sweetest Zoo York T and a Volcom back pack too. Just call me a shred Betty!


  1. Stoked I made the blog !

    from, your Rad DYM surf buddy

  2. you are such a dirty, dirty D.O.M. i love our inside joke!