Saturday, May 9, 2009

Made good? Made fair? MADEWELL!!

Today while shopping in Soho, my friend gave me a ringski to tell me that Madewell was having "Real People" Model castings for their website. I strolled over, (I would never pass up an opportunity to have my picture taken) and wound up falling head over heals in LOVE with their clothes! I didn't think I would like the store based from its parent company J Crew, but boy was I wrong. Their clothes are much more edgy and dare I say hipster, I walked away with a killer double wrap studded belt, a crop top and a vintage wrangler jean button down. And to top it off I got 20% off for trying out to be a model! Keep your fingers crossed that I land the gig, and definitely check out the Madwell store on Broadway and Broome.

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