Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Here's an update on the bike. I did not get the bike last night but I'm seriously thinking about it! Being a shopper that does not make impulse purchases, I decided to sleep on it! Matt and I walked around the bitter cold Willy b and ended up eating at San Loco. My bartender there, Rochester based on his former local, made a really nice Margie. Last night was not a total bust as I met a really cool artist, Ryan Humphrey. He was the bro selling the bike. He customizes bikes from what I understand and makes art installations out of them. If you look close the moto-cross has a spiked fender similar to the cuff on the mannequin. He did this window for Moschino, October '09

My new year reso's are panning out. One is to blog everyday. Will share other's later! Must do a return so that I can get an invoice out. That is another. Invoice out, $ in!

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