Friday, January 8, 2010

Corset Coat

Yesterday I was wearing the biggest, puffiest of coats. It was a white Spiewak made expressly for Barney's. Chic yes, but I felt like the michelin man. Due to it's thickness, you can feel anything including your waistline or what's in your pockets. Because of this, I lost my brand new, uber expensive monthly metro-card which is around $90. I was so pissed. However, I told the MTA man in the booth and he buzzed me in. Very nice. Not so nice is I can get a new one if I had the receipt. Guess what the machine I bought it from was not printing receipts.

Point of my story. I'm wearing the Corset Coat today from
Anya Ponorovskaya so that I can actually see my body and feel it for that matter!

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