Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Send Out An E.O.S.

Help! It's winter and my skin get's so dry. Last night at dinner on Houston Street, I had a dry skin attack. I know ewwww GROSS. WAIT! After over-sharing, I decided to do a week of winter beauty tips. Yes! An entire weeks work of Primping & Prinking.

EOS=Evolution Of Smooth. I was sent some product before the Holidays to use in possible gift segments and well I have to say I overlooked it. That's because I had not tried it. All it took was one application of minty goodness from the egg shaped sphere that lather both lips at once and now I'm officially addicted. A mino-blast to friends and family have been alerted that this is the best bloody lip balm on the planet.

First off, it's great packaging! Lip balm has always been in tube or pots but EOS Smooth Sphere broke the mold with it's egg shaped container of minty, melon or fruity flavour. It has tons of shea butter, coconut butter and vitamin E, which just means it's really smooth and yummy. Not to mention, it's organic and they have the paper work and seals to prove it. Finally, you'd think it would be 10 bucks or more- NOPE it scans in around 3.25! Not bad for the must have accessory of the season. Trust me, this lip balm is legendary.


  1. Where can I get this product? Can't wait for more prinking TIPS from you, Sarah! Keep em coming!- Tine D.

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